Monday, February 13, 2017

Common Signs of Poor SEO Strategy OR Bad SEO Practices

There are many to name, and it should be avoided to have a good/SEO friendly website, such as:

1. Keyword Stuffing/Improper Keyword Density

Stuffing keywords everywhere is a proper example of keyword stuffing. Also, keyword coming repeatedly all the time is also a bad practice. One keyword coming ample time can lead to poor reading content.

2. Keyword Cannibalization

Targeting one keyword with two or more pages OR focusing on single keyword with all the power of website is Keyword Cannibalization. This should not be there. You can focus on one keyword with just one good quality landing page.

3. Gateway/Doorway Pages

Creating a keyword specific pages, is known as Gateway/Doorway pages. It should be not like that. Even if you want to create a landing page, you need to keep this in mind.

4. Links from Exact Match Keywords

Never acquire/bring back-links from exact match keyword. Make sure you build links with phrases like business name, website URL, keyword without GEOs, or any Misc word like click here, here, more info. etc.

5. Cloaking

Cloaking is representing a two versions of website content, one for User and another for Web Robots/Bots. This is a clear form of black hat SEO technique.

6. Too many CTAs or improperly placed CTAs, where they are not required

Placing call to actions or CTAs are required at key areas of web-pages. And it should not be placed on multiple parts of a web-page. You should not even place it on above the fold content. You can have it at end of the page or at the left/right side of the page, just like sharing buttons.

7. Buying Back-links

Google can actually figure out that you're buying links! So beware if you're going in that way. You do not need to buy links. You can opt natural way to get good quality back-links. And you can work gradually to build your back-link profile.

8. Thin/Irrelevant/Misleading Website Content

Reading something which we are not interested in always disappoints. Same way, do not put content your website which misleads or is irrelevant to your website/industry niche. Also, a very less amount of content which do not provide proper or enough information needs to be avoided.

So, do not follow this strategies to get ranked on search engines result pages. Instead, follow search guidelines, build a website that give quality to users and most important, have patience. You will get rankings one day.

Happy Optimization!

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