Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Something About Robots.txt in a Simple and Easy Manner!

Robots.txt is an instructive or directive file that instructs/directs the search engine crawlers or web robots on how to crawl the website. The purpose or use of installing Robots.txt file is to keep away the spammy bots and allowing the good bots that are benefitial to the website from SEO perspective. Generally, we install it in a root folder of a web server. Any website's Robots.txt file can be checked by just entering "" in address bar of the web browser.

You can also check for errors and test it in a tester of Google Search Console under Crawl>>robots.txt Tester section.

Here's what robots.txt Tester looks like in Google Search Console:

It works under Robots Exclusion Protocol. You can also download a sample of robots.txt file from here. In simple, its a table of content which contains an instructions for web robots/crawlers. Whenever the web robots come to visit the website it first checks before visiting or any other web-page of a website.

There are hundreds and thousands of good and bad web robots. And robots.txt is an effective way to control them. You can also use Robots Meta Tag <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"> to instruct the web robots but it is not recommended for specific robots allowing or disallowing. It goes for all the types of robots. As there are pros, there are cons too. You can not expect search engine crawlers to fully obey the robots.txt instructions. But you can not ignore it fully, as it is a powerful mechanism available for SEOs/webmasters.

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