Monday, November 28, 2016

SEO Content Creation Tips That Create Engagement!

1. Refer the keywords to determine how people are searching for information about the chosen topic,

~ URL structure should include main keyword, and city.
~ Title tag should include main keywords
~ H1 and H2s should include keyword{Heading 1 and 2}

2. You can always look on what are the current trends in the industry and what competitors are writing about.

3. I would recommend having at-least 250 word page content. Don't focus on word count too much – focus on the thoroughness of the coverage of the topic.

4. As you write, don't focus on including keywords a certain number of times. Use them where they make sense from a personal perspective. This means keywords will be sprinkled throughout the page, but naturally, so a couple/few times over 250 words.

5. Make the copy pleasing for people to read. Yes...those keywords are in there, but they have been highlighted in a natural, non-robotic manner. Add some additional information about your cities and best views/attractions for that cities.

6. Have a compelling title/headline for the post or with a key term in mind.

7. Try to add unique images, additional information and videos

8. Socialization Options

9. Add Contact details and contact form at the end of a web-page or in a way that convinces user to sign-up or fill the form.

So, these are some general tips which can be used to create a unique website/blog content.

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